Why Does It Seem Like Everyone's Installing Heat Pumps These Days?

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If you've talked to friends and family members about their HVAC choices lately, you may have noticed a trend. More and more people, it may seem, are installing heat pumps in their homes. Heat pumps have been around for decades, but they are becoming a more popular choice lately. You might be wondering what's behind this sudden increase in popularity. Indeed, there are several reasons why more people are choosing heat pumps for their homes.

Heat pumps run on electricity.

Heat pumps are electric-only units. They do not burn natural gas or oil like a furnace would. Instead, they work by moving heat. These days, there has been a big push to move away from burning fossil fuels and towards relying on electricity to heat and power homes. This is especially beneficial when the electricity is obtained from a "green" source, such as solar or wind power. Installing a heat pump instead of a fuel-burning furnace is a way to be a part of that shift.

Heat pumps heat and cool.

For years, if you wanted heat you would install a furnace, and if you wanted air conditioning, you then had to install a separate air conditioner. Heat pumps provide you with heating and cooling from one appliance. In the summer, the unit moves heat out of your home, and in the winter, the unit moves heat into your home. All you have to do is hit a button or switch to reverse the mode. It costs less to buy one heat pump than to buy a separate heater and air conditioner. Plus, your HVAC contractor only has to install one appliance, which saves them time.

Heat pumps work well with solar panels and wind turbines.

Producing your own electricity at home has become more common. If you have solar panels or a wind turbine already, then you might as well install a heat pump over a furnace. The heat pump can be powered by the electricity you're generating, rather than you having to pay extra for natural gas or another fuel. Some people simply like the independence this gives them. They are not dependent on a utility company to power their HVAC; they make their own power.

If you make your own power, want to support the shift away from burning fossil fuels, or simply want to install one less appliance, then a heat pump may be a very wise choice for you.

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