4 Important Reasons To Keep Up With Air Conditioning Maintenance When You Own A Home

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As a new homeowner, you may be overwhelmed at all the maintenance you need to do to keep your home in good shape so it holds its value. You not only have to maintain your house, you also have to maintain all the equipment inside it, such as the air conditioner. Here are four reasons ongoing air conditioning maintenance is important.

1. Well-Maintained Equipment Breaks Down Less Often

If you've ever lived through hot summer days without air conditioning, you know how miserable it can be when the weather is hot and humid. When you have your air conditioner maintained by a professional at least once a year, your AC has a lower risk of breaking down. The AC maintenance service cleans the air handler and other parts so you don't have to worry about dust and dirt causing your system to overheat or malfunction.

Plus, the service technician replaces worn or damaged parts and makes sure everything is in good working order so the AC has a better chance of making it through a long summer with no problems.

2. Neglected Equipment Can Damage Your AC

An unfortunate consequence of neglecting air conditioning maintenance is that it can lead to AC damage. Bad parts in the condenser might cause the compressor to work hard and become damaged. A compressor is expensive to replace, so you want to protect it through regular maintenance. Refrigerant problems, such as leaks, can also be expensive to repair.

In some cases, AC damage may not be preventable, but many times, damage can be avoided through routine maintenance. Even changing the filter regularly can prevent damage to your AC.

3. Maintained Equipment Is More Energy-Efficient

When your air conditioner is clean and has parts that work properly, the AC works more efficiently. This not only helps you stay cooler in the summer, it also helps your energy bills stay as low as possible. When your AC is dirty or if the refrigerant is low, your AC may run longer than it needs to, and that drives up your energy bill.

4. Well-Maintained Equipment Has a Longer Life

A new central air conditioner is expensive, so you want yours to last as long as possible. Whether your AC is new or several years old, it needs regular service to keep it working. Maintenance should include cleaning and servicing by an AC technician every spring and timely filter changes by you. By keeping your AC in good shape, you can squeeze more years of life from your unit, and that can be important as a homeowner when you have many other home repair bills to deal with as your home ages.

For more information on air conditioning maintenance, contact a local HVAC company.