Home Renovation Guide To Using Ductless AC To Home Remodeling Projects

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When you are remodeling your home or doing major renovations, air conditioning is one of the areas where you may be planning on making changes. If you need to change the AC or install new AC in your home renovation project, ductless is a great option because it is affordable and efficient and can be quickly installed by a qualified contractor. The following guide will help you with adding ductless AC to your home renovation project:

1. Home Additions and Using Ductless AC to Provide Adequate Cooling and Heating

If you are planning major home addition projects, ductless AC is the perfect solution for these projects. If you just want to add AC, a single unit can be used to provide a separate cooling system for the new space. There are also options for mini-split systems that can be used to provide cooling for the existing space and new addition with the new air conditioning unit you have installed for your home.

2. Updating the Air Conditioning in Your Home With a Ductless Min-Split AC System for Renovations

The air conditioning for your home may need to be updated when you are doing renovations, but a single unit may not be enough for the cubic footage of your home. Therefore, you will want to talk to the HVAC contractor about mini-split AC systems. These systems can provide cooling for several areas of your home with a single condensing unit, which is ideal for smaller homes and ranch-style floor plans.

3. Basement Remodeling Projects and Adding Air Conditioning With a Single Ductless AC Unit

Another improvement that you may be considering for your home is remodeling your unfinished basement. The problem is that there may not be any source of AC or heating in this area because it is not the main living space. Therefore, you will want to consider a single ductless AC for the basement. For heating and cooling in the basement, talk to the HVAC contractor about heat pump units that can also provide heating during the winter months.

4. Combining Ductless AC Systems to Provide Zoned Air Conditioning to Any Home Renovation Project

Sometimes, a single-unit or mini-split ductless AC system cannot provide the cooling for all the cubic air space in your home. Therefore, you will want to talk to the AC installation contractor about combining different units to meet all the cooling needs of your home when renovating your home and installing new ductless air conditioning.

These are some of the things that will help you with planning ductless AC for your home remodeling and renovation projects. If you are ready to finish your project with new air conditioning, contact a ductless HVAC installation service and talk to them about the right system for your cooling needs.