AC Repair Services: SMART Thermostat Issues

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SMART appliances provide both efficiency and convenience. If your SMART thermostat has issues, AC repair services can get everything working again.

Here are some of the ways that AC repair services can help when your SMART thermostat malfunctions.


SMART thermostats can be complex. AC repair services provide the tools and expertise needed to diagnose the problem.

  • System Diagnostic: SMART thermostat issues often result from larger issues with your HVAC systems. AC service providers will run a full system diagnostic to troubleshoot the problem. This will often include hooking a computer unit up to your SMART thermostat to check the wiring and read any error codes generated by the system. Even if the issue appears to be related to the SMART thermostat, most AC repair service providers will assess the general state of your outside unit, blower motor, filtration, registers, and ductwork. Spending the extra time to complete a system diagnostic can catch small problems before they significantly damage your HVAC system.
  • Software Check: SMART thermostats include proprietary software. This software must be updated periodically for optimal performance. The AC repair service providers are also experts on the latest HVAC technologies. Once your SMART Thermostat is updated, your AC repair service provider can show you any new features available on the SMART devices you use to connect to your system.

Repair or Upgrade

Today's SMART thermostats continue to rapidly improve. AC repair services provider can help you assess your best options if your SMART thermostat needs to be repaired or you want an upgrade.

  • Repair: Because most SMART thermostats aren't manufactured by HVAC companies, they are often after-market purchases, with limited warranty options. In most cases, your AC repair service provider won't be able to repair your SMART thermostat. However, they can help you leverage your warranty options through the manufacturer. This can sometimes take time, however, so you might have to purchase a replacement SMART thermostat while you wait for the manufacturer to send a new unit.
  • Upgrade: Today's computers and SMART devices are often outdated quickly. Your AC repair services provider can walk you through your upgrade options. Having an expert show you the features that are important to the way you use your HVAC system can help you invest your money more wisely. Many AC repair service providers can also help you access rebates and other available savings options offered by the government or utility providers to incentivize individuals to adopt more energy-efficient HVAC systems.