Call An AC Repair Expert If You Notice These Problems

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Many people rely on their air conditioners, especially those who live in places that reach high temperatures. A broken air conditioner can mean sweating in your home or office while your electric bill rises. It's important to have AC problems solved as soon as possible to save money and restore your comfort. These are four problems you may experience with your air conditioner which means it's time to call an AC repair service.

1. Your air conditioner is emitting debris or a foul smell

Air conditioners contain filters to prevent debris and allergens from entering your home. Unfortunately, these filters can become clogged over time. Most air conditioners are equipped with sensors to alert homeowners when it's time to change their filters. If your sensor is broken, your first sign of trouble may be dirt or dust entering your home through your AC vent or a foul smell. An AC repair technician can replace your AC filter and repair your filter sensor to prevent this problem in the future.

2. Your air conditioner is blowing warm air

Air conditioners lower the temperature in homes by cooling air and blowing it into the room. AC units rely on refrigerants in order to cool the air. If your AC's refrigerant has been leaking, its fan will still work, but only warm air will circulate through the room. AC repair technicians can fix leaks and refill the refrigerant to normal operating levels to restore the functionality of your air conditioner.

3. Your air conditioner does not shut off automatically

Many air conditioners are equipped with power-saving modes to help homeowners save money on their electric bills. Power-saving modes rely on an internal thermostat to cycle off your air conditioner when a certain temperature is reached. An air conditioner that does not turn off automatically may have a damaged thermostat that is incapable of reading the ambient temperature in the room. An AC repair technician can replace the thermostat in your AC unit to restore its energy-saving capabilities.

4. Your air conditioner is leaking

It's normal for air conditioners to discharge some water over the course of a normal operation. However, excessive leaking or water that drips indoors is a cause for concern. Leaks are usually caused by drain line issues. An AC repair technician can identify and clear clogs in your AC drain line. If the problem is a disconnected drain line instead, your repair technician can reconnect or replace the line as needed.