4 Crucial Steps Involved During An Air Conditioning Installation Process

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Are you planning to install a new AC in your home? You probably think you can handle the project on your own. But remember that an air conditioner is not a plug-and-play appliance. It requires specialized tools and skills to install, which you can only get from a certified AC installation contractor. But what does the air conditioning installation process entail? This article will bring you up to speed on the steps taken during AC installation and why professional installation is invaluable.

 1. Evaluation and Removal of the Old System

Whether upgrading to a modern AC or replacing your damaged one, the old AC unit has to be removed before the installation project begins. The installation contractor unmounts the old unit and cleans any mess created. Then, they will dispose of the old AC unit so that you don't have to spend time and money to do so. Next, they will assess the existing AC components, such as the air duct, to rule out damages that could compromise the integrity of the new air conditioning unit.

 2. Installation of the New AC Unit

This process entails the installation of new piping, ductwork, and electrical components. However, installing pipes and ductwork may not be necessary if the existing ones are still in good shape. This can save you some cash. The contractor will inspect the electrical connection to ensure it is fine, then add the refrigerant. The contractors usually follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure optimal AC performance. They will also have to test the newly installed AC system to confirm it is fully functional.

3. Thermostat Installation

When you buy a new AC, the chances are that it will come with its thermostat. The AC contractor will be happy to install the new thermostat if need be. But if you want to continue using the old one, the contractor will assess its performance first and configure it to work with the new AC system. If you prefer the new thermostat, the AC installation contractor will guide you about navigating it to ensure you can enjoy the cool air without any challenges.

4. Maintenance tips

By now, your AC conditioning is fully installed. But before the AC installation contractor leaves, they will do the last check to ensure everything is in its right place and working perfectly. Lastly, they will give you insights into how to take care of your system to ensure it performs optimally and is energy efficient. This includes telling you how often you should set up an AC maintenance appointment.

If you are looking to replace your old air conditioner or install one in your home, be sure to hire professional AC installation experts. The professionals have installed many air conditioners before. They will offer you nothing but excellent AC installation services.