Air Conditioning Problems With Hybrid Evaporative Cooling Systems That Require Repairs

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If you have installed a hybrid air-conditioning system in your home, it has unique design features that can cause problems. Thus, you will need to know what cooling system problems might require repairs during the summer heat. The following air-conditioning problems with hybrid evaporative cooling systems are some of the issues that you may need to have repaired this summer:

Issues with Thermostat Controls and Sensors

The design of hybrid AC and evaporative cooling systems uses more than just a common thermostat. These systems use more complicated controls that include sensors that detect climate conditions like humidity levels and air temperature. Thus, there are more problems that can go wrong with the controls of a hybrid system. When the AC or evaporative cooling components of a hybrid system aren't working, it may be due to problems with the controls, thermostat, or humidity sensors the AC needs to work properly.

Common Refrigeration Issues with Hybrid Systems

The features of hybrid systems that make them more efficient are refrigeration or AC compressors. These components are similar to the condensing units of conventional air-conditioning and suffer from some of the same problems. Therefore, you may need to repair problems like bad capacitors, refrigerant leaks, and other common issues with a conventional AC system.

Issues with Hybrid Cooling System Air Circulation

Just like with conventional air-conditioning, hybrid cooling systems can have problems with air circulation. This is because these systems use a ductwork system to deliver the cooling to the different areas of your home. The circulation can be affected by blower fans, blocked filters, and problems with your ductwork. Hybrid designs can also have problems with the internal baffles that cool the air being delivered to air ducts.

Problems with the Evaporative Cooling of Hybrid Systems

The issues with hybrid systems can also be due to the evaporation system. These systems use water or fluids that evaporate in a cooling tower or unit. Thus, they have features like mats, pumps, and water pans that may need to be repaired when you have a problem with your system. If your system is not cooling during dry weather when it should be using the evaporative cooler, these are some of the issues that could be causing the problem.

The issues with hybrid air-conditioning systems can cause cooling failures during the summer months. Contact an air-conditioning repair service when your hybrid cooling system is not working correctly.