3 Ways To Help An Older Air Conditioning System Cool Your Home More Effectively

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With spring in the air and another hot, humid summer waiting in the wings, homeowners are once again thinking about the condition of their home's air conditioning system, especially if it is an older model. Like all mechanical systems, these appliances develop wear issues that can make them less dependable and efficient as they age. While replacing an older system with a new, higher efficiency unit is an excellent way to resolve concerns about an aging air conditioner, homeowners may not be willing or able to do this until their old system stops working completely. If you own a home with an aging air conditioning system and want it to work more efficiently, here are three things to try. 

Fix humidity issues inside the home

Air conditioning systems work, in part, by removing humidity from the air and sending it out of the home in the form of condensate. But when excessive humidity problems exist in the home, the air conditioning system must work harder, resulting in a loss of efficiency that will show up as higher cooling bills and a less comfortable home during the cool season. Water pipe leaks, drippy faucets, and insufficient venting in bathrooms and kitchens are just a few of the reasons for excessive humidity that homeowners can address to help their air conditioning systems work more efficiently. 

Clean the filters more frequently 

If the area in which you live has a substantial amount of dust in the air, or your home is dusty due to remodeling projects or other causes, changing your air conditioning system's filters more frequently will be necessary to help it function as efficiently as possible. When dust and dirt clog the filter and prevent air from passing through freely, the system must work much harder and longer to try to compensate. Homeowners who are concerned about the cost of extra filter changes may want to invest in two, high-quality reusable filters for their system that they can alternate, clean, and reuse for years to come. 

Invest in a professional maintenance visit 

Like your car or any other mechanical appliance, your home's air conditioning system will always need routine maintenance and tune-ups to make sure it is performing as efficiently as possible. By investing in a professional maintenance service call by a reputable air conditioning technician, homeowners can be sure their systems are working properly, adjusted for peak efficiency, and ready to meet the cooling challenges of the coming summer. 

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