Things HVAC Contractors Do During AC System Maintenance

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If you have installed an air conditioning system in your home, your HVAC contractor will recommend that you service it regularly. AC system maintenance reduces the need for repairs, improves air quality, reduces health issues, and increases the unit's longevity. The maintenance work needs to be handled by a seasoned HVAC contractor who has the right equipment and skills to enjoy these benefits.  So, what are some of the things your HVAC expert will do when they show up for maintenance? Read on to learn more.

They Perform a General Inspection

The first thing an AC technician will check when they arrive is the condition of your system. This inspection's objective is to identify any issues that need fixing, like a dirty or damaged air filter, loose connections, or malfunctioning systems like the control system. The ductwork also needs to be inspected to verify if it's dirty or there is something that's obstructing airflow. So, allow the technician to do the general inspection because they are identifying the problem areas.

They Clean the Blower 

The motor is one of the essential parts of the air conditioning system. Without it, the unit cannot function, and that's why it's vital to keep it in top shape. During maintenance, your technician will remove the dust or grime that may have accumulated on the motor, fan, and any other components in the surrounding area. If any component is worn out or loose, it will be repaired or replaced right away. 

They Lubricate Movable Components

All moving parts of the air conditioning system can easily get worn out due to friction. One of the ways to enhance their effectiveness and longevity is to lubricate them often. Some of the components the technician will focus on include the fan motor, pulleys, and bearings. Once the work is done correctly, the AC system will not fail prematurely or require recurrent repairs or replacement.

They Clear the Drain Line

Your AC's drain line is designed to ensure the liquid condensate doesn't cause property damage. However, if the pipe is clogged, it can cause leakages and other wetness issues. This is the reason the HVAC technician needs to clean the drain line to eliminate any clogs. The cleaning will also eliminate any mold around the line. Your HVAC technician will also check the condition of the drain pane and repair or replace it if it's damaged.

While the AC system maintenance may not be limited to these outlined tasks, you now know some of the things your technician will work on. So, be patient and let them do their work as they are knowledgeable and experienced on the job.

To learn more about AC system maintenance, contact a local HVAC technician.