Four Reasons Why Your Heater May Be Making A Rattling Sound

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When your heater kicks on, you can normally hear a humming sound or a white noise sound. What you do not expect to hear is a rattling sound. However, a heater or furnace may begin rattling when something is wrong with the unit. This is a heating unit's way of telling you that something is not quite right. Here are four of the reasons why your heater may be making a rattling noise. 

A Panel Is Loose

One of the most common reasons why you may hear a rattling sound coming from your furnace or heater is because a panel is loose. The last time someone cleaned the heating unit or changed a filter in the unit, they may have failed to fully tighten the bolts or screws that hold the panel in place. When the unit kicks on and begins to vibrate, the panel begins to move and bang. This may be the rattling sound you hear. 

A Blower Motor Fan Belt Is Damaged

Another common reason why your heater or furnace may be making a rattling noise is that the blower motor fan belt is damaged. The most common damage to the belt may include cracking or fraying. When the belt is damaged, it does not turn as smoothly or efficiently as it should. As a result, a rattling sound can be heard.

Your Gas Burners Are Dirty

If you have a gas heater or furnace, dirty gas burners may cause a rattling sound. Dirty gas burners prevent gas from evenly being distributed. This means your unit may not have enough of the energy it needs to adequately heat air. Your unit may give you many different signs if the gas burners are dirty, including a rattling sound and/or the heater taking longer than normal to heat your home.

The Metal Parts Are Expanding and Contracting

The final reason why your heater may be making a rattling sound is that the metal parts that make up the unit are expanding and contracting due to normal cold and hot temperatures. If you notice the rattling sound more prominently the colder outside it is, natural contraction is likely the cause of the rattling sound you are hearing. 

If your heater is making a rattling noise and you cannot figure out why the unit is making that noise, it is important to call in a heating repair specialist. A heating repair specialist can inspect your heater or furnace, determine why it is making a noise it should not be making, and then make repairs to stop the noise and prevent additional damage to your unit. Contact a heating repair professional to schedule your appointment today.