Adding Air Conditioning To An Additional Room In Your Home With A Mini Split Unit

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Adding air conditioning to just one part of your home that does not have it can be a lot of work. If the existing ductwork does not run to the part of the house you want to have air conditioning in, it can be costly to add it. Mini-split air conditioning installation might be a better option to cool your room.

Selecting the Air Conditioning Unit

If you are considering using a mini-split AC unit for your room, you will need to get one that is the right size for the space. There are a lot of different models available, so measure the room and determine the square footage. Then, head down to the home center or building supply and see what they have available.

A mini-split unit will have a unit that mounts inside the room and a condenser/heat pump unit that mounts outside. The mini-split is only intended to cool one room, so select the unit that is specified for the room size that is closest to the square footage of your room. 

Installing the Mini-Split Unit

The mini-split air conditioning unit can be installed by the homeowner, but because you have to connect the two pieces through the wall and add power to the unit, it is often a better idea to have your air conditioning contractor come out an install it for you.

The contractor will mount the indoor unit on the wall, typically near the top of the wall, and then drill a couple of holes in the wall to run the hoses and power out to the condenser unit. The outdoor unit is then mounted on the wall outside, and the lines for power and the hoses from the indoor unit are connected to it. Once everything is connected, the contractor will fill the holes through the wall and seal them to keep water, insects, and small animals from getting into the home. 

Additional Features

Many times, the mini-split unit will have a remote control that allows you to set the thermostat that is on the unit without having to reach the unit itself. The unit is up high on the wall, which allows the cool air to fill the room from above and fall as it normally would to keep the room cool. Because the unit is only meant for one-room use, the occupant of that room can control the temperature and adjust it to their liking without affecting anyone else in the home. 

Mini-split units are great for in-law apartments, office or workspaces in the home, or additions that you add to the existing structure.