How To Prevent Your Air Conditioning System From Becoming A Victim Of Copper Theft

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Copper theft is a common crime that often goes unreported. It is the worst feeling to come outside and find your air conditioning unit gone. This results in needing AC repair services. Criminals are not taking your unit to cool down. They want the copper inside of your unit.

Copper thieves want to remove your system and take it to a scrap yard. Scrap yards only require a driver's license. They usually do not ask where the HVAC unit comes from. Read on to find out how to prevent your air conditioning system from becoming a victim of copper theft.

Install A Cage Around Your Unit

Installing a cage is one of the ways to protect your air conditioning unit. Thieves want an easy target. If they have to work to gain entry to your AC, then the thief will move on to one that is easier to remove. Cages are available in home improvement stores, or you can get one custom-made. If you choose custom made, then you want to make sure your unit can breathe.

Some cages can restrict the airflow of your AC system and cause it not to function properly. A cage can also cause leaves and debris to accumulate, which restricts airflow. You should talk to your AC technician before installing one.

Match The Thieves' Persistence

Copper thieves are persistence. You will need to take all measures to protect your HVAC system. The Griot Museum of Black History is located in St. Louis, MO, and has been open for over 20 years. This museum has been the victim of copper thieves several times in the last few years. They have insurance but have to pay a deductible of $2500. This amount is a lot for a nonprofit museum to pay.

Install Lighting

Many criminals who steal copper think they will not get caught. This type of crime usually occurs when no one is around. Homeowners also may choose not to report it. AC units are usually located on the side or in the back of the house. You want to make this area less secluded by installing lighting. If the area is well lit, then your unit becomes less desirable to copper thieves.

An air conditioning unit works by cooling and warming your home. If something happens to your unit, then your home can become unbearable. It helps to protect your property because restoring your AC unit can be an expensive repair. For more information, check out a website like