About Getting Maintenance For A Gas Furnace

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Do you find that you have to reignite your gas furnace pilot on a regular basis? Unless your furnace is old and damaged, the solution to the problem might be to invest in professional maintenance. It is actually in your best interest to get into the habit of making sure that your furnace receives periodic tune-ups. Professional maintenance can keep your heating system efficient and make the furnace more durable. In this article, you will learn about the areas of your gas furnace that will likely be examined when maintenance is performed.

1. Gas Line

The gas line to your furnace is one of the most important parts that must receive maintenance because an explosion can occur if it is damaged. A contractor can make sure the line does not have any cracks in it that allow gas to leak out into your house. The fittings on the gas line will also be inspected in case they are loose or need to be replaced. A leaking line can cause a pilot to constantly go out due to it receiving only a small quantity of gas.

2. Pilot Orifice

A contractor will inspect the pilot orifice to make sure it isn't clogged up. Basically, the orifice is the area of the pilot in which the flame comes out. Dirt can create a blockage in the orifice that prevents a flame from igniting. Getting the orifice cleaned is the best way to make sure fire can come through it.

3. Gas Valve

The gas valve is vital because it determines how much gas is released into the burner. During maintenance, the valve will be inspected to make sure it isn't broken. A broken gas valve can easily be replaced by a contractor without you needing to replace the entire furnace.

4. Pilot Burner

The pilot burner will be inspected to make sure it isn't dirty. It is necessary for the burner to be cleaned every now and then so gas and fire can easily ignite a pilot flame. Rust is another thing that can lead to a pilot burner malfunctioning. It is possible that a replacement burner is needed if rust is present.

5. Thermocouple

A thermocouple is a part that must be in good shape in order for a pilot to remain ignited. The gas valve must receive a signal that the pilot is ignited in order to release continuously gas, which is the job of the thermocouple. A contractor will inspect the thermocouple to make sure it isn't damaged.  Reserve a date for a contractor to perform maintenance on your gas furnace. You can learn more about furnace maintenance services by checking out a site like http://mikesbremenserviceinc.com.