3 Benefits Provided By Installing Radiant Heating Systems

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Radiant heating is a great choice if you are considering upgrading or installing a heating system in your home. This heating option requires very little maintenance, keeps your home cleaner, and can help you save money on utility bills. 


A radiant heating system will generally not require any maintenance beyond simply making sure that you boiler does not freeze in the winter. However, it takes quite a bit to make your boiler freeze, such as leaving your heating system completely off during freezing temperatures for several days in a row.

This lack of maintenance is a big advantage when you consider how much maintenance is required by the main alternative, forced air. With a forced-air system, you are going to have to make sure that your furnace filter is clean and that your ducts are clear. If those tasks are not done on a regular basis, the forced-air system can become quite inefficient.

Clean Air

One issue that often arises with the very common forced-air heating system is that it can spread dust, allergens, and other particles throughout your home when it turns on. This can cause problems ranging from a stuffy or foul smell in your home, to people within the house suffering from health issues. For example, dust and allergens in the air can lead to rashes, respiratory issues, and being sick more frequently.

However, a radiant heating system can help you avoid any of those complications. This is because a radiant system utilizes pipes and panels in your walls and underneath your floors to heat the house. This means that the system is not going to be moving air and particles around the home at all.

Utility Bills

Finally, a radiant system is a great choice if you want to be able to heat your home while using the least amount of energy possible. One way that a radiant system can help you with that is by allowing you to divide your home into heating zones. These zones can be set to only warm certain rooms at a given time, which helps you avoid wasting energy and money heating rooms that you are not using.

Speak to a heating or HVAC contractor today to discuss if radiant heating is a good choice for your home. Radiant heat is ideal for maintaining good indoor air quality and lowering your utility bills in the winter. In addition, this type of heating is a great choice if you do not really want to deal with maintenance. Contact a company like Virginia Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for more information.