4 Common Gas Furnace Problems

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If you have a gas furnace in your home, regular care and maintenance is essential. However, even with maintenance, you might occasionally deal with problems. Most issues that occur with gas furnaces require simple fixes. Here are four of the most common gas furnace problems and how to repair them:

There is No Heat

One of the most common issues with a gas furnace is when it no longer produces any heat.

If you have turned your heat on but the furnace refuses to produce it, it might be due to few different things. The first thing to check is the thermostat, since it might be faulty or simply set too low. If the thermostat seems to be working, make sure the fuse or circuit breaker hasn't been tripped. Also check that the gas valve is open and that the pilot light is on.

The last thing to check is the electronic ignition, which might be faulty.

The Furnace Keep Turning Off and On

While you want your furnace to turn on and off when the temperature requires, it can be a problem if it is doing this too frequently. Not to mention to annoyance of hearing the furnace turn on frequently throughout the day.

This could be due to an air filter that needs to be replaced, a thermostat problem, or a blower motor problem. The easiest thing to check is the air filter. Open up your furnace and locate the air filter. If it looks dirty, replace it with a new one.

Next, check the thermostat. The furnace might be coming on too much if there is an issue with the heat anticipator. The last thing you can do is try oiling the blower motor ports with a lightweight lubricating oil.

The Gas Furnace is Noisy

While all gas furnaces will make some kind of noise, a furnace that suddenly makes a lot more noise than it used to could have a problem. The type of noise you hear typically indicates exactly what the problem is.

If you hear a low-pitched rumble, it might either be because the gas burners are dirty or because the pilot light needs to be adjusted. Make sure you turn off the burners before checking the pilot light. If the sound is higher-pitched and more like a squealing sound, check the shaft bearing and blower belt.

The Furnace is Always Running

An opposite problem happens when the furnace blower is always running and refuses to turn off. Like many other problems with a gas furnace, this could be due to the thermostat. It might be accidentally set to continuous, which will keep the blowers going at all times and running up your energy bill. It could also be due to the fan limit control switch on the furnace, especially if there isn't a continuous fan setting on the thermostat.

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