Two Important Questions You May Have About Avoiding Water Heater Problems

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A water heater is one of the most important devices in a home, and while these systems are normally extremely efficient and reliable, it is possible for them to encounter problems. These issues can lead to major damage to your home or the water heater itself. However, you can avoid many of the complications that stem from a malfunctioning water heater by simply following the answers to a couple of basic questions. 

Why Do You Need To Clean The Interior Of The Water Heater?

Some people assume that the water heater will never need to be cleaned, and this mistake can dramatically reduce its reliability and efficiency. This reduced efficiency occurs because sediments from the water will start to accumulate at the bottom of the tank, and this will prevent the heating element from warming the water in the tank. If these sediments are not removed, they can eventually cause the heating element to malfunction, which can require you making a call to a repair technician. 

Fortunately, you can mitigate the chances of this problem by cleaning out the interior of the water heater at least once a year. When you perform this step, you will need to drain the water from the tank and remove any sediments that have accumulated at the bottom of the tank. This can be done by opening the front hatch to the tank, and a small broom or brush can be used to scrape the sediments into a garbage bag. 

What Can You Do To Mitigate Condensation?

It is relatively common for people to mistake condensation for a leak because they may notice large amounts of water on the floor directly under the water heater. However, it is rare for these devices to develop leaks in the primary storage tank. Rather, this problem is usually attributable to condensation. Luckily, this is a simple problem that you can handle without needing to hire a professional. 

One of the best ways to avoid water damage to your floor is to place a thick rug directly where the water is pooling. However, these rugs are only effective when the condensation is relatively minor. In instances where there are large amounts of water on the floor, you will need to install a dehumidifier in the same room with the water heater. 

A water heater can be an essential device for many homes, but you do not have to let routine malfunctions cause major issues for your home. Fortunately, it is possible for you to avoid many of these issues by routinely cleaning the interior of the water tank and using rugs or dehumidifiers to limit the problems from excessive condensation. For extra help with your water heater, contact an HVAC contractor like Christian Heating & Air Conditioning Inc